Harold O. Atencio, JD

Hal’s years of commitment to the adoption process has made him the most experienced adoption attorney in the State of New Mexico.

Primary Areas of Practice:


Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Foster Parent Rights

Guardianships / Conservatorships and Small Estate Transactions

Over the years he has earned a reputation as the best Albuquerque/New Mexico adoption attorney through his work with adoptive families, birth parents, foster parents and adoptees in agency and independent (direct placement) adoptions, step-parent adoptions, second-parent adoptions, co-parent adoptions, LGBT adoptions, interstate adoptions, international adoptions, relative adoptions, domestic adoptions and Indian Child Welfare Act adoptions.

  • Native New Mexican
  • Graduated from the University of New Mexico Cum Laude in General Honors in 1985
  • Juris Doctorate from the University of New Mexico in 1988
  • Admitted to the New Mexico Bar in 1988
  • Fellow of the Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys
  • Former President of The Adoption and Foster Care Alliance of New Mexico
  • Past Chair of AFCA Legislative Committee
  • Past Chair of the New Mexico Forum of Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Former Insurance Defense Attorney litigating cases on a frequent basis

Experience and Passion

Hal is the most experienced Adoption Attorney in the State of New Mexico and has been practicing adoption law since 1993. He is a past President of the Adoption and Foster Care Alliance of New Mexico and has Chaired their Legislative Committee. Hal is also a fellow of The Academy of Adoption and Reproductive Technology Attorneys. He has participated in drafting Adoption Legislation with the Alliance, drafting Regulations for the New Mexico Children Youth and Families Department and has represented clients in contested adoption proceedings in the Trial Court, Court of Appeals and New Mexico Supreme Court. Hal has extensive experience helping families obtain the financial assistance they are entitled to as part of the adoption process. Whether a State or Title IV subsidy or an adoption tax credit, Hal will do all that is possible to ease the financial impact of adoption and allow families to focus on their newest member. Hal  represented the successful Adoptive Parents in the landmark case of Helen G. v. Mark J.H., decided by the New Mexico Supreme Court which interpreted the New Mexico Adoption Act provisions regarding the rights of an alleged biological father. Hal successfully completed the first three-parent adoption in New Mexico. Hal has successfully completed contested adoptions covered by the Federal Indian Child Welfare Act. Hal would be honored to represent you as you move forward in expanding your family and bringing love and security to a deserving child.

Hal’s other passion is running. He has completed 15 marathons (3:14 best time) and many 10k runs (39:30 Personal Record). He was also the Race Director for the 2005 Albuquerque Tricentennial 1/2 Marathon.

Hal can be reached via email at hal@pklegalgrp.com.

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